How to Freeze Chopped Onions

5 pounds chopped

Chop onions into the desired size. Lay chopped onions evenly on a cookie sheet. Do not let onions overlap. Ideally do not let the onions touch. When frozen individually, they will freeze best, and they will be best to use. You can place plastic wrap over the onions, and add another layer if desired. Wrap onions with plastic wrap and place into the freezer.

When the onions have frozen completely, divide onions into small portions. I like to freeze mine in 1 and 2 cup portions. Place chopped onions into small plastic bags, date the plastic bags, and put the bags into the freezer.

The frozen onions are best used within 3 to 4 months.

Hey friend, thanks for the tips as i was looking for that information.

But why freeze onion whereas it keeps well for a long time at room temperature, as it is?

Because during certain times of the year they do not keep well and I have had some to rot.