How to Grill




  • Grill
  • Tongs
  • Spatula


  • High-heat oil
  • Desired seasoning
  • Burger patty
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Pork belly


  1. The basic preparation to grill any food is to coat all sides with a thin layer of oil and seasoning. 00:12

  2. Determine where the hot spots of the grill are. They will most likely be in the middle and upper corners. Check for white stains, or measure the temperature with an infrared thermometer or by moving your hand over different areas. Place the burger patty on the hot area of the grill to “mark” it with char marks. 01:13

  3. To grill zucchini spears or other vegetables: Coat lightly with oil and season all sides with salt or another seasoning mixture. Place the vegetable on the hot area of the grill, cut-side down. 01:43

  4. To grill fruit: Oil, season, and place the fruit cut-side down on the medium heat part of the grill. 02:27

  5. To grill pork belly: Start with pork belly that is cooked or nearly fully cooked. Coat lightly with oil and season all sides. Place the pork belly on the medium-high heat part of the grill. 02:48

  6. Check on the items grilling. For a burger patty, the edges should be turning brown from cooking. Rotate the burger 45 degrees to achieve crosshatch grill marks. For the pork belly, turn and baste with a sauce, as desired. Flip the vegetables to the other cut sides. 03:27

  7. The key to achieving char marks or grill marks is patience. Food should be left undisturbed so the natural sugars can properly caramelize, adding color and a depth of flavor. Remove items after they are cooked through. Turn and baste the other side of the meat, as needed. 04:24

  8. Burger doneness can be estimated by cook time (about five to six minutes) and the color of the juices coming from the patty. Remove the meat from the grill and allow it to rest; it will continue to cook from residual heat. 05:41

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