How to Make Good Gravy

How to Make Good Gravy Video

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Very good video except for one thing, it did not say how much water to put in.I guess a real cook would automatically know but I’m a cook-wanna-be:p

Eyeball the water

Great video. Answered all of my questions. I think the liquid she poured in at the end was the rest of the pan drippings and not water.

Thank you for share here this excellent video of how to make good gravy. Your video solved my al problems and i get answered all of my problem.

The amount of water you put in depends on what consistency you like your gravy. Start with small amount and add a little at a time until you get it right for you.

I need to know where to get good gravy sauce for steak and mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding in Beijing.

great video!

Nice Video…
First time i make gravy with help of this video.

Great video, thanks for sharing your tips

Well, i will try to make it using your video tips.