How To Make Sushi

How To Make Sushi

Add More Fun and Flavor to Home-Made Meals

Discover the secrets of making the ever-popular and exotic (not to forget healthy) Sushi dishes

Who doesn’t love Japanese food? It’s delectable, healthy and definitely fun to eat. The cute little Sushi and Sashimi rolls, with their careful combination of nutritious ingredients, are not only good for your taste buds, but your entire body. That’s not all. Sushi has very low carb content, so if you are a health freak or plan to go on a diet- this is your best bet. Every Sushi dish is a like a masterpiece, packed with nutrition! The recipe is in one word- ingenious!!

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Inside this book, you’ll learn…

[li]You can make delectable Sushi from scratch[/li][li]Discover trade secrets of the art of Sushi making[/li][li]Customize your Sushi according to your taste[/li][li]Make different varieties of Sushi for every member of your family[/li][li]Use as many as 20 nutritious ingredients to make your Sushi dish[/li][li]Surprise your loved ones with something different on the dinner table[/li][li]Get adventurous with Sushi made from eels and sea urchins[/li][li]Learn how to use fresh ingredients from your kitchen to enhance the taste of Sushi[/li][li]Become popular amongst your husband’s colleagues as a master Sushi chef[/li][li]Have fun and you involve your kids in making the Sushi rolls and preparing the sauce[/li][li]Eat healthier, and protect your family from the dangers of having junk food[/li][li]Make as many Sushi as you want for parties and get-togethers at home, and become the envy of your neighborhood[/li][li]Save money by making Sushi at home. Food and Wine Magazine reported that the price of an omakase Sushi dinner in Los Angeles 's trendy Urasawa restaurant can cost as much as $250- PER PERSON!!! [/li]


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