How to Search Google for Authentic Foreign Recipes

For example, here’s how I search for and retrieve authentic local recipes from Mexico.

Use Google Chrome browser, it will translate the webpages for you. You can also copy and paste text into the Bing translator.

I use Bing Translator to translate a food, dish, cooking terms, etc. from English to the language I’m interested in. Then I enter the foreign words (just use copy & paste) into Google to do a search. You can also tell Google to only search the internet domain of one country, like Mexico, for example. See details below.

Now here’s how to search for a recipe in Mexico:

Go to the “Google Advanced Search” Page. (it’s at )

Under “All These Words” enter - Receta de arroz
Receta de arroz means “recipes for rice”.

Under “site or domain” enter - .mx
.mx is the internet domain of Mexico.

Click the blue “Advanced Search” button.

Google will list websites in Mexico that offer rice recipes. If you are using Google Chrome browser it will translate the search results and any page you click on, into English. The recipes will most likely be in metric, although some use Cups, Tbsp, tsp.

I avoid websites like Allrecipes . mx. It just seems to be the the local Mexico version of the Allrecipes . com with translated American recipes.

Any “pictures of text”, like for example the “Recipe Secrets net” logo at the top of this page, will not be translated. Only actual text on a webpage will be translated by the Google Chrome browser.

I use the same technique to search other countries for authentic local recipes.

Examples: .au Australia; .br Brazil; .ca Canada; .uk United Kingdom; .ru Russia; .cn China; .tw Taiwan; .fr France; .it Italy; .in India; .jp Japan
Just do a Google Search for Internet Country Codes to get a complete list.

I am pretty fluent in Italian. So I can compare the Italian and the English translation. I have noticed that most translations are too incorrect to understand–especially for recipes.