How to stuff Manacotti

I made a cheese mixture and could not stuff the cooked manacotti. Is there a secret? HELP???

Make sure the manicotti is cool, it won’t tear as eaily, and not cooked so much it is soft, just firm but pliable…

I use a long handeled teaspoon to fill the shell.

Don’t be afraid to open the shell, it will spring back to shape, just be careful not to tear it as you open it. Fill it as full as you want, I personally crammed the filling in. We did half the shells with cheese filling and made a batch of cheese filling and added spinach. Both are excellent.

I have found if you use a pastry bag or a gallon ziplock bag with the corner cut off, it is extremely easy to stuff the manicotti. This also works for almost any kind of shells.

I’ve found that a baby spoon with plastic tip helps the cheese mixture slide easily into the shell.

Cook your noodles, when done lift them out of the water and put them in a big shallow pan of ice water. When cool drain well. Take a noodle and split it lenghtwise. Lay open on a flat surface. Put some filling down center of noodle. Bring cut sides up around filling until the edges are overlapping a little. Turn seam side dow in pan or dish you are going to bake them in.

I’ve found that using a pastry bag / cake decorating bag with no tip on it works perfectly! :smiley:

I stuff the shells dry will a long teaspoon & use extra sauce.

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