how to thicken fat free butter "spread"

i used to use promise fat free margarine spread and it has recently been discontinued; unfortunately, there is no replacement on the market right now. i got smart beat smart beat smart squeeze fat free squeeze margarine. unfortunately, it is more like a liquid than a spread. i was wondering…is there anything i can add to the bottle (i.e., mix with the entire contents of the bottle) that will thicken it enough to a spreadable consistency? i’ve read about xantham and guar gums, but i wouldn’t know how to use them- most of the instructions i’ve read that use these ingredients to thicken things are hot soups, sauces, etc. (although i did read about someone using both of these to thicken smoothies).

would plain old flour do the trick? is this a hopeless cause? please don’t recommend i just buy low fat margarine/butter; i use margarine liberally throughout the day and would like to cut down on the fat content.

thanks in advance for any advice!