How to whip Egg Whites for Merenge

Wash and rinse either a glass or Steel mixing bowl and chill in freezer while getting things together to make Merenge.

Carefully crack eggs and seperate whites into one bowl and yolks into another. Save Yolks and later use in scrambled eggs.

Bring chilled bowl out and working quickly, dry inside of bowl and place egg whites in bowl. Use either a wire whisk or a hand mixer and beat the egg whites until soft peaks form and whites will not drop off beaters when a clump of them are raised above the rest. You can also hold the bowl of egg whites over head to test if you are brave LOL. As white begin to whip up fluffy, add a pinch of sugar and/or Cream Of Tartar to held them hold longer.


Eggs whites will not whip in a plastic (Rubbermaid or Tupperware) bowl as there is oil used in the making or the bowls. Oil is the enemy of whipped Egg WHites. The same goes for any of the Egg Yolk. The Yolk has nateral fat in it and stopps the white from holding the air you are whipping into whites.

Tip #2:

Not to be gross, but a woman who is on her cycle can not whip Egg Whites or Cream. This is due to chemicals exuding from her skin during this time and her nervouse system. It has something to do with the way she moves when using a wire whisk and the chemical makeup during that time. Ask you OB/GYN about this effect.