[b]Howdy y’all,
Thought I’d drop in, just looking to have some fun and maybe some interesting recipes. I enjoy cooking but get board with my usual stuff. Who knows maybe I may even have something to contribute.

Born in US and have been traveling the world parts of Europe, Asia, Mid-East, Africa and enjoy most of the food I’ve tried all over.

Welcome to RSN R-Mon!

Please tell us more about the different foods you like and maybe share a recipe or two. We have a lot to offer - and give a holler if there is anything you are looking for.


Thanks for the welcome.

I like great tasting food, and it depends on the day what type of food I like. I don’t like liver or giblets and don’t much care for fish that taste fishy. As I am a cook for one I usually like quick to do meals. I’m not much of a baker me and Betty Crocker get along just fine.

I hope to post a few recipe my problem is that I basically cook by the seat of my pants, so to give measurements is a bit of a problem. I think I should get a motion activated video recording device in the kitchen so I can duplicate some of my better creations.

R-Mon - don’t worry about measuring - my favorite cookbook is one that has all the ingredients listed - and not one measurement! And this includes the baking recipes! I don’t have a problem with it at all!! So feel free to post away!