I have been made aware of the fact that some of my posts have offended and hurt the feelings of some members. Not knowing who the members affected are, I can only use this venu to attempt to remedy what has happened.

To those members that felt offended and/or hurt, I offer a humble and sincere apology to you. If I could go back in time, I would, and undue what has been done. I don’t have that luxury, and so this is the closest I can come to that.

I am taking this opportunity, unprompted, as a means to try and repair any and all perceived impropriety. And to Ron, I apologise for this also, and any grief I caused to you.

I closing I say once more, I am sorry for offending anyone. I shall do my best to see that it does not reoccur.



Thank you so very much Maria. I am most appreciative. You are a wonderful person, and great asset to this site. I hold you in high regard and respect too! Gosh, I think that is the nicest comment I’ve had said to me, in a very long time. BetK was also very kind with her words, as has my on-line partner and co-moderator, Aline. You gals (ladies) rock! And our members here also deserve a tip 'o the hat too. And Ron has been first rate with me to the max., during my entire time here at RecipeSecrets. eHugs to all you great ladies … yup, and you too Ron LOL!

B-man :wink: