I am looking for a recipe for an "Italian Apple Cake Square"

Hi Everyone,

Years ago I used to buy “Apple Squares” from an Italian Bakery, now they they no longer make them.

These Apple Squares had a cake like pastry on the bottom, the filling was made with baked sliced apples & the top was like a cake like pastry, yet it appeared to be like a pie pastry. - The flavour was amazing!

It seemed very simplistic in presentation, and was like an old fashioned desert. The crust looked like pie pastry, but it was thicker than pie pastry, with a very dense cake lining below it’s exterior.

A closer look at it appeared that it was made with a a super thick cake batter that left a pie look & sheen to the top.

I don’t know if this is traditionally Italian, but it was sold only in this particular Italian Bakery. If anyone has a a recipe for this I would greatly appreciate it.