I have to lose weight!!!

I have injured my back and the doctor has told me that I need to lose some weight. At the moment exercise is not an option, I have been told that I am to stay in bed or on the couch for the next two weeks. I am the only one in the house that cooks, but at the moment I can’t pick up anything heaver than a large cup of coffee! Does anyone have any suggestions?? I am having a financial dilemma and unable to buy any ebooks at this time to help me along. I NEED HELP!!!

I do have my husband, that doesn’t cook at all, and two teenage step-sons that do the house work. We are very low on income right now but I do have serveral crockpots and a roaster oven. So if you have any quick, easy meals that men who only want meat and potatos would be a big help!!! I have found that I can sit at the dinning room table and chop stuff for salads. I just can’t stand up and do it.

The men in my family eat typical “man food”. Meat and potatos!! I don’t have much on hand right now. I have some gound meat that I have cooked and I have celery, califlower, and broc. I have no kind of sauce mixes right now. We need a trip to the store BAD! hahahahaha I have not looked at the crockpot recipes but will take a look at them. I don’t care for the ones that you have to brown your meat first, its hard for me to stand at the stove right now.

and I forgot this…they do eat leftovers, but when I cook a lot of food they ususally eat it all!!! I cooked 5.5lbs of chili the other day and it was gone in two days!! I do love to cook veggies with a roast but I always have to cook so much meat that there isn’t enough room for the veggies. Could I season them just like the meat? I love the way they taste when I cook the roast and veggies together!!