I need something amazing! Please!

My brother in law is making one of his two trips a year home on sunday. So im expected to host a dinner. I have no idea what to make. No seafood are the only specifications. So any ideas that are crowd pleasers and will knock his socks off. Please?

The list is endless.
If it where I, I’d do either roast beef (prime rib), or of course, some form of pasta & sauce. Big salad either way.
Whatever ya’ decide upon, I’m certain you’ll find some dynamite recipes here.
Good luck…

Throw a Pork Roast in your crock pot at least a 6 quart size
1 jar of mango passion fruit spread (i found it at aldi’s)
1 envelope of onion soup mix
1 bottle of any dry white wine
chop up at least 1 potato per person
half a bag of baby carrots
Cook on LOW for 6 hours. About 30 min before it is done drain the liquid leaving about a cup in the crockpot. Put the drained liquid in a sauce pan and boil till it thickens. You have to watch it and stir every couple of minutes or it can reduce too fast and burn. Serve with wide egg noodles.

*if you dont have an aldi’s or dont like passion fruit or mango use pretty much any jar of jam or spread. I wouldn’t use a jelly.

Thank you all! Great advice from all sides!