I'm famished. What's for dinner?

Somehow I always seem to fall into the same old rut. Spagetti on Wednesday, Fish on Friday.

Post here your favorite menu plans, your family’s favorites and/or what you had tonight.

I’ll start with my simplist menu plan, a quick and easy one that all my kids approve of (being a bunch of separate sam’s – nothing touching and hold the sauce!)

Ham Steaks, quickly fried to heat up and just the slightest carmelization
Creamy Mashed Potatoes (or for the pasta lover, either Couscous or Acini Pepe with butter and grated romano cheese)
Buttered String Beans

Dessert: Ice Cream or Apples


I thought ALL kids loved spaghetti and pizza. My daughter never did. Now a teenager, she does like fettuccini. She says she doesn’t like the “texture” of spaghetti. So for a quick and delicious “spaghett”, I do the following:

Fettuccini with bacon tomato sauce
Ceasar salad
Toast with garlic butter

I fry the chopped bacon, chopped onion, chopped green pepper until bacon is brown and onions a little brown. Add chopped garlic; add 1 can tomatoes (squish the tomatoes with your hands or potatoe masher). Add salt and pepper to taste, and some Italian seasoning. Let simmer while you cook your fettuccini. The bacon fat is really what gives this dish a good taste. Use your judgment about the amount. What I sometimes do is scoop out some of the fat and then maybe add a tbsp at a time while I taste the sauce…just enough to get the “bacon” taste.

Toss hot fettuccini with the sauce. This is the kind of pasta dish that isn’t very “saucy” but has great taste.

Hi Silver,
Well we seem to fall in the same rut to i try to change it up so we dont always have the same stuff. On tonights menu we had
Grilled turkey tenderlion marinated in herb sauce.
Mashed potatoes
green bean
I love to cook on the grill it so much more flavor and usually healthy for you as well.but Tomorrow is fish lol. My b/f says now i know you go to that web site that got to be lots of choices which there is it just the planning ahead to make sure you have everything you need.