Indian Style Chilli Chicken

This preparation of Chilli Chicken is an Indian Chinese dish that is very easy to make at your home for dinner. It is actually quicker than you think. It takes about 30mins to prepare this delicious, mouth watering chinese delicacy made in Indian style.

Shopping List

* Boneless Chicken – 500gm
* Soy Sauce
* Tomato Ketchup
* Cornflour
* Chilli Sauce
* Ginger Paste
* Vinegar
* 2 Eggs
* Lots of Green Chillis
* Onion
* Capsicum
* Ajeena-moto
* Vegetable Oil
* Salt

Preparation Time: 15mins

Cooking Time: 20mins

Serves: 4


  1. Wash the boneless chicken (500gram) properly and cut it into small pieces (cubes).

  2. Take a bowl put the chicken cubes into it, then add 3 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon cornflour, 2 tablespoon tomato sauce (ketchup), 1 tablespoon chilli sauce , 1 teaspoon ginger paste, 1/2 teaspoon vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 2 eggs (separately beated in a bowl). Mix all the ingrdients well and marinade for 1 hour. If you want extra-hot, you can add 5-6 green chillis split into halves in this mixture.

  3. In a non-stick pan add 2-3 tablespoon of vegetable oil and heat for 2 mins.

  4. Fry the marinated chicken till golden brown and keep aside. Ensure the mixture is thick enough to stay on the chicken pieces. If not, you can add more cornflour to thicken it. Keep the thick mixture for use in Step 6.

  5. Take a non stick kadhai (deep bowl) and put 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil and heat for 4 mins then add 5-6 green chilli split into halves and fry till the seeds pop. Add 1 big onion (chopped into medium size pieces) along 1 medium chopped capcicum and 1 teaspoon salt and fry till slightly brown and half cooked.

  6. When the above mixture (step 5) becomes little tender then add the remaining marinaded liquid mixture (Step 4) and stir well. Close the lid of the kadhai for 2 mins to allow the ingredients to cook.

  7. Open the lid and pour some water in the khadai so that the gravy does not become too thick and sticks at the bottom, hence stir often. Cook for few mins.

  8. When the oil is released out of the gravy (which means the gravy is cooked now), then add the fried chicken (step 4) and mix them in the grave well. Cooked for 5 mins, stir occasionally otherwise it will get stuck to the bottom of the kadhai. Taste the gravy and add salt and/or green chilli if required.

  9. Finally put 1/2 teaspoon ajeena-moto into the gravy and cook for 1 min.

This item can be served with fried rice, or lachha paratha.

Caution: The amount of salt added (either during the marinade or during cooking) must be upto taste and controlled as the ketchup and other sauces do have salt in them as well.