Ingredient of the day

I thought this would make it fun. How about if we have an ingredient of the day. Then we post recipes that highlight that ingredient. What do you think?

I appreciate your creative thinking and I’m going to give it a shot.


Can I request here that you make Duck the next ingredient for the day, please.

sure but next timemake the rewuest in the dingredient of the day section, or pm me instead. This way i can give you credit for the ingredient of the day. Please register. It s so much fun

How about chocolate for the ingredient of the day?

chocolate for the ingredient of the day willbe comming soon…Just me

Love some ideas for using horseraddish . . . fresh or otherwise

Use horseraddish mustards such as Maille (Dijon and Horseradish) with chopped fresh rosemary as marinade on ribeye steaks or lamb chops. A mistake I made once and we all love it now.