Is it just me...


Would like to know if it’s just me or what the heck is going on, because it only happens on this site. Seems that if I don’t do any action for 40 seconds or so, I get an error message saying that Internet Explorer cannot access the site and action is aborted. It’s been happening for past couple days.



Aline - I don’t like Explorer for that reason. It screws up a lot for me. It hasn’t done it on RSN lately - but it used to.


No, its not just you. My computer has been doing that for the past few days also. My son said just to tell it okay and then hit the stop button (symbol) to stop the abort operation. Eventually the problem will go away but it is very aggravating.

Computers, you gotta love them. When everything goes right, they are wonderful. But when they mess up, what a pain in the you know where! Thats progress I guess.