ISO; tips on cooking in a roaster

I have a Roaster, you know those things you can cook in that are large and plug in.
I made my Turkey in it once, i didnt like it.The skin never darkened and i think i dried my turkey out. Which is hard to do because i always by fresh and brine it. Perhaps i did something wrong.
My point is I have used this thing one time and would like to give it another shot this christmas.
I will be doing a Ham and a Turkey, so can anyone tell me which one of these 2 i might try cooking in this thing and give me some tips…
Thanks in advance…Kelly

Kelly -

There are many foods you can cook with your electric roaster.

Do you have the rack and the glass pans that come with it??

Turkeys and chickens do cook well in these roasters - but they will not brown the way you want them to. I have used mine for turkeys, chickens, cornish hens, hams, pork roasts, roast beef, meatloaf with roast potatoes, casseroles, lasagna, stuffed shells, etc. Most of the meats I would place in a baking dish/casserole and place on the rack in the roaster - unless the piece of meat was so big I had to place it right in the roaster… You can even cook a roast and the veggies in the roaster using the glass baking dishes that come with it placed on top of the rack.

Before crockpots came out - I used my roaster as a “warmer” if that would be the proper term.

By that I mean - I have cooked turkeys, roasts, etc. for large parties and put the gravy and sliced meat in the roaster, set on LOW and it was fine for the party. I have also made hamburgers and onions (fried) then transferred them to the roaster and added sauce or gravy and even barbecued beef/sloppy joes for the guys to make their own sandwiches during football games, etc.

I have cooked spaghetti/pasta with meatballs and kept the setting on LOW for big dinners. It’s great for parties and showers and can hold quite a bit of meatballs, fried Italian or polish sausage with onions/peppers, etc. Just think of all the stew/chili you can keep warm, etc.

I have several different size cooking racks from various sources and while a casserole, lasagna or stuffed shells (for instance) was heating - I would place a rack in the roaster with bread or garlic bread wrapped in foil to heat through while the entree/main course was heating.
When you really think about it - there is so much you can do with one - I love mine!

Kitchen Witch

I think i will give it a try with my ham. I use my crockpots all the time and love them …so i guess i shouldnt let my roaster scare me…lol.
Mine has the rack, and i saw where u can buy a insert that holds 3 things, i might get one of those.

I always use my roaster to cook my turkeys. It is also excellent for roasts. The trick that I have found is to use one of those oven bags. My turkeys always come out juicy and golden brown. I do not lift the lid to check on things while it is cooking until the cooking time is just about up. This keeps all the heat in. I also always put butter under the skin and on the skin of my turkey. If you are really worried about it drying out cook your turkey breast side down. I hope that this helps!

Thanks…I will try that, the bag is a great idea. Im so glad i asked about this, my poor roaster i have only used once!! I think its time im not scared of it anymore…lol

I know this is a little late but the bag idea really does work. And not just for turkeys. I use a bag in my roaster for everything I cook in it. Makes for such easy clean up.