ISO; tips on cooking in a roaster

I have a Roaster, you know those things you can cook in that are large and plug in.
I made my Turkey in it once, i didnt like it.The skin never darkened and i think i dried my turkey out. Which is hard to do because i always by fresh and brine it. Perhaps i did something wrong.
My point is I have used this thing one time and would like to give it another shot this christmas.
I will be doing a Ham and a Turkey, so can anyone tell me which one of these 2 i might try cooking in this thing and give me some tips…
Thanks in advance…Kelly

I think i will give it a try with my ham. I use my crockpots all the time and love them …so i guess i shouldnt let my roaster scare me…lol.
Mine has the rack, and i saw where u can buy a insert that holds 3 things, i might get one of those.

I always use my roaster to cook my turkeys. It is also excellent for roasts. The trick that I have found is to use one of those oven bags. My turkeys always come out juicy and golden brown. I do not lift the lid to check on things while it is cooking until the cooking time is just about up. This keeps all the heat in. I also always put butter under the skin and on the skin of my turkey. If you are really worried about it drying out cook your turkey breast side down. I hope that this helps!

Thanks…I will try that, the bag is a great idea. Im so glad i asked about this, my poor roaster i have only used once!! I think its time im not scared of it anymore…lol

I know this is a little late but the bag idea really does work. And not just for turkeys. I use a bag in my roaster for everything I cook in it. Makes for such easy clean up.