Jenn-Aire Grill-Ette Electric Grill

I made the rounds of the yard sales this past weekend and found a Jenn-Aire Grill-Ette electric grill for $5. It’s old but was never used. Plugged in and it works fine. BUT…no users manual. Searched online but could not find anything.

This thing is VERY heavy and obviously well made.
Has a built in fan and hose for exhaust outside.

I’d like to try it out with a couple of chicken half’s
but have no idea how long or how high (goes to 400) It’s an open grill design so no cover.


Thanks KW.
Half chickens on the “Grille-ette” coming up tonight.
Jen-Air could not help. It was made for them as a promotional item some time ago. The rep guessed late 60’s or early 70’s.

This seems to be my best cooking related find since
I bought a Chicago Cutlery store display board with
one of everything they made attached for $20.
It’s hanging in the kitchen now and I wouldn’t part with it for any amount.


Try looking on e-bay for your manual.