Jigarthanda, a unique Madurai cool drink is very nice and healthy to have in summer.

Milk: 600 ml
Almond pisin (Badam pisin): 3 tbsp
Rose syrub: 2 tbsp (or nannari syrup 60 ml)
Ice cream: 1 small size

Method of preparation:
Soak badam pisin in water for about eight hours to convert it from gum form into enlarged jelly form.
Boil milk in low flame. Continue boiling so as to reduce the quantity to 300 ml (half of 600 ml).
Allow for cooling and keep it in refrigerator.
Fill half of a glass tumbler with this chilled milk. Add soaked badam pisin, rose / nannari syrup and ice cream.
Tasty, healthy and cool Jigarthanda is ready.

Nannari is a natural coolant. It is called sarsaparilla.
Edible alga / algae (Kadal pasi) can also be used instead of badam pisin.

Where I can find Badam pisin in USA?

You posted the recipe - did you ever make it? You may have to use your search engine to find it. Most recipes sites wouldn’t have that information.

I found it in Indian stores by the name Edible Gum… Hope this helps… Check the below link for picture…


Thank you


It really looks yummy and the recipe that is mentioned here consumes very less time to make it, which is one of the good point. I would surely like to make this pumpkin Latte in my home.

Nice drink mentioned in this post.Definately i will try this new one in my home.Thanks!!!