Joke's in general chat

I would like to see you have one heading for these.I do understand this is a general chat section but i just dont care for these on a recipe site.
I for one dont care for them if i wanted these i would go to a joke site. But i relize some people do so why not put them into one section under the general chat?
Im not offended by any of these but i can see where some people may be.

Some people like them and some people don’t. I think the people who don’t want to see them on a recipe site would be even more offended if they were featured as their own category.

It’s the General Chat section for a reason, if you want strictly recipes you don’t have to click into that forum.

I don’t mean to sound snippy but everyone has the liberty to choose what they read. There are 20 other forum categories to choose from. I hope you enjoy those instead.

This is your site and you may do what ever you please.But you have a suggestion and comment forum and thats what I gave you. You can take it however you like.BUt I have noticed when ever anyone writes in this section it seems to be not accepted by you. Thats your right its YOUR site…Im just giving you my thoughts.Take them or leave them.
I like the general chat area.What I dont care for is having to look thru to see what is cooking related and not. Alot of people seem to like these so why not group them together?

I agree kellyburk!

And I am willing to bet you this post of yours goes away like so many others have done!

Not true. Many of the suggestions posted here actually do get incorporated into the site. If you need proof of that just look at the Crockpot Recipe Forum, the Diabetic Recipe Forum, and the Ingredient of the Day Forum.

Having a seperate category for jokes doesn’t mean that people won’t still post jokes in the Genereal Chat section.

Thanks for your suggestion - it will be taken into consideration.

Posts promoting other websites or unnecessarily stirring up controversy may get deleted.

Relevant posts that add value to the site never get deleted.

Im dropping the subject after this post …But regarding the crockpot one you first said It would be over crowded.
My point is it took other members to give theit opinion before you did. Yes you did add it BUT until others spoke up you were not going to.
Like I said you can do what you want. Im sure you will consider my request.

That is true and yes I will.

Don’t be offended that I gave my opinion in return. It’s my way of keeping the post going so I can get a feel for what the consensus is. I can be persuaded if it’s what the majority of the forum users want.

Happy Saturday.