Juicy Lucy Cheeseburger

“Jucy Lucy” burgers with a hot cheese and bacon filling in the center.

1 1/4 pounds ground beef
4 slices American cheese
4 slices bacon, cooked crispy and crumbled
coarse salt and fresh black pepper
4 buns
Your favorite condiments and toppings

Divide beef into 4 equal portions. Form each portion into a tightly packed ball. Working with one ball at a time divide into 2 equal portions. Flatten them into a circle on a cutting board. Fold a slice of cheese in half twice so you have 4 squares of cheese and place in middle of burger. Cover the cheese with bacon crumbles and place the other patty on top so. Crimp the edges together to seal them, the cheese will make a bump on top. Repeat until all 4 burgers are ready. Season the tops with salt and pepper.
Heat a large cast iron or heavy-bottomed skillet over medium heat (alternately you can grill them) and cook burgers over heat 5 minutes on first side (the cheese bump should facing up). Flip the burgers and poke the tops of the burgers with a toothpick to let steam escape. Cook 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat and let burgers rest a few minutes (especially when serving to children) as cheese is molten hot and can cause burns. Serve on buns with the condiments of your choice.