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This thread gives you an opportunity to post up your thoughts on a specific dessert recipe topic( not recipe review). Everything from appliances to technique and in between … anything goes, so long as it is related to the Forum and it’s themes… or just member to member dessert chit-chat. Remember…this is for chat only! If you have a question, post it up in the “HELP PLEASE!” thread. Any recipes posted in this thread will be purged without notice! Happy Baking…

Aline & B-man :wink:

Is there any possibility of opening up a thread for Christmas Fruit cake so that those who might want to allow them to age a bit before Christmas can copy the recipes I would like to post? Thanks.

As requested, I started a new thread entitled “Christmas Desserts”. You can post your favourite fruitcake recipes, holiday cookie recipes, etc., there.


I recently had the pleasure of dining at Cucina Italiana which is a Bravo resturant. The cheesecake with carmelized sugar and creme anglaise was wonderful. If there is anyone that has an idea how to duplicate the results of this recipe. PLEASE let me know. If you have one in your area it is worth the experience… MMMMMMMMM

This is extremely decent and better than average post…you shook posting it…thanks a ton for posting it…!!:twisted::p:mad:

Please share a tried and tested recipe of a classic cheesecake, please :rolleyes: