Just to say HI, "HI"

I am very new to this board and look forward to your recipes since I have all this free time now. Was a accountant/controller until accident last August but have always liked to cook maybe with your help I may get good at it.

Welcome aboard fellow accountant! It is a big difference from accounting to cooking and it is a great change! You’ll do fine cooking - everyone here is very friendly and always willing to help. Don’t be shy - adk anything you want!

Glad you found us!


Hi…i am also new to this forum…nice site…good work by admin…great going.!

thank you all for the warm reception I look forward to it and will try to learn what you can teach me,
and yes a big difference from accounting to cooking but doctors took accounting away and I don’t work at cooking so I can enjoy it. :slight_smile:

doctors do a lot - been there done that - went through it too