Keep Portions in Control (Heart Health)

Keep Portions in Control (Heart health)

Anyone who has eaten out lately is likely to notice how big the portions are. Sometimes your plate arrives, and there’s enough food for two or even three people. These ever-larger portions have changed what we think of as a “normal” portion, and that affects how much we eat at home as well. Some of the following strategies can help you keep portion sizes in control:

Order a medium pizza instead of a large. Everyone gets the same number of slices as before; they’re just smaller.

Order an appetizer instead of an entrée at a restaurant.

Use tall, narrow glasses instead of short, wide glasses. You will drink less.

Put a smaller portion on a smaller plate; it won’t look so skimpy.

Share a portion with a family member or friend.

Instead of giving your child an entire bottle of fruit juice or soda, pour a small amount (1/2 cup) into a cup.

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