Keeping Fajita's Hot!

We always make fajita’s and more so in the summer because we seem to grill much more. I never like how by the time I sit down they are cold though. I was thinking about how Chili’s serves theirs on those skillets and they seem to stay plenty hot. I did a little looking a found a few different kinds service. Wouldn’t have to be used just for Fajita’s either. Eggs would be another thing that is always instantly cold at our house.

For fajitas, heat a cast iron skillet in the oven until scorching hot. At serving time, put your fajitas in the hot skillet and take to the table. Remember to place a thick wooden board under the skillet and warn people that the skillet is hot.

Eggs can be kept hot in a chafing dish with hot water in the lower pan.

In Houston ther is a big restaurant supply store that sells the cast iron plates that sit in a wooden bowl. Great for serving fajitas!