Kefir Cake

That’s one of my favourite recipes. It’s easy and takes about 50 min to prepare.
Take 4 eggs, baking powder 1-2 tbs., sultana or raisins, butter 7-8oz., 3 cups of flour, sugar 2 cups (you may take less sugar or substitute with syrup, honey etc.), 1.5 cups of kefir (if there is no kefir in your local supermarket you may substitute it with cream or sour cream, but in this case you’ll get different result – the cake will be more thick and dense)
Mix butter and yolks in a big bowl, then add kefir. Beat up white of egg with sugar, and place them to the bowl. Add sultana, flour, baking powder. Mix well. Put in a pan or some baking form. I don’t remember time (i think it’s about 40-45 min) and heat temperature, but it should be as for usual cake.
Try this cake. It’s reeally marvellous.