Kelly's Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

I used to work at Kelly’s Rest. in Wildwood NJ and they had a great Hot Roast Beef sandwich. To replicate at home: disolve 3 beef boulion cubes in hot water in a small pot or pan, place 1/4 pound of thinly slice roast beef into a small OJ strainer and dip into the beef flavored hot water for @ 45 seconds, then place a slice of swiss cheese on top of the beef and put in the hot beef water for @ 20 seconds until it melts. Place the beef and cheese on the bottom half of a fresh kaiser roll that has been coated with fresh horseradish. Spear the top half of the kaiser roll with a fork and carefully dip into the beef water so that a small part of it gets soked in the beef water. Place the top of the roll on the beef & cheese and enjoy. This sandwich can be a little messy but is delicious!!