kfc hot wings

I would like to if anyone knows knows what seasonings are used in kfc hot wings.

just the hot wings, no sauce

just hot wings, no sauce. i need to know what are the spices that make them hot and spices.

"Lightly brown in skillet with 1/2 inch vegetable oil in it. Brown for 4 minutes each side. Remove and place in a single layer on shallow baking pan. Seal with flour. "

Should this be Seal with foil?

LOL, I wasn’t proof-reading. I read it through as I plan to make them.

Where does the heat come from, I see no hot sauce ingredients like hot sauce or cayenne pepper?


Kitchen Witch are you refering to the new KFC Sauceless Hot Wings as being the ones that get injected wity Hot Sauce? These are the ones I want to try and find a receipe for/


KW they may have been injected with some hot sauce but I had figured the heat was in the batter thus in the crust. The sauceless wings at out local KFC are rather mild and have very little heat in them so you may be right, they be injected and some of the KFC locations may be injectiing more than others thus why the ones your friend is talking about is so hot and the ones here at our local KFC are mild.

I would love to have any receipes you have in regards to this subject and I will give them a shot and let you know my thoughts on them.

Thanks a lot,


hello kitchen witch! do you have the recipe for kfc spicy fried chicken and extreme hotshots?

Thanks for all of these.

Could you please tell me how hot sauces are injected in the wings . Does they use syringe ? What kind of syringe ?



They’re not KFC’s recipe. They are Pilgrim’s Pride Blazin Wings. I know this because I’ve been buying a 5lb bag of Blazin Wings every month since 2003. When Kfc came out with the sauceless hot wings in 2007, I had to try them and they are were the exact same as Blazin Wings. My room mate didn’t believe me so he went to kfc ,got the sauceless hot wings while I cooked the Blazin Wings at home. When he got back,we compared them, same color,same crust,same flavor. The next week I bought another 5lb bag of Blazin wings and the wing sections were as big as chicken legs, which also confirmed it for us, because they sold all the small wing sections to KFC. BTW this was in Dec. 2007. it wasn’t till Feb. 2008 the Blazin Wings started to get a little smaller, and to this day they are still bigger than they were. I called Pilgrims Pride to complain about the wing sections being so big and to stop selling all the small ones to kfc and they said “I’m sorry Sir, I cannot comment on that”. Which gives me even more confirmation. Well, 2 months ago, Pilgrims Pride changed the breading on the Blazin Wings and they SUCK!!! They also lowered the amount of wings in the bag from 5lb to 4lb. I haven’t called to complain about these 2 changes yet, but I will post my findings out here when I do. I’m guessing KFC bought the ORIGINAL Blazin Wings RECIPE from Pilgrims Pride so they changed it.:x

Thank You, do you have the Blazin Wings Recipe? I’d love to try that recipe, to see if they are like the KFC Hot Wings(sauceless)
I appreciate all you help. We heard recently that the KFC now has Hot wings here in our area. Haven’t tried just yet. We normally buy in Imperial Beach, across the border.
Retired in Baja… and Love it.

Hi Guys

Has there been any updates to this recipe. I have tried making wings using a similar recipe and here are the problems i encountered.

Before i begin, I dipped the wings into flour and then into egg and then into bread crumb before deep frying it on about 170 Degrees Celcius.

The problems below.

  1. THe inside of the chicken was not as well done as I wanted it and the outside wa already deep brown in colour.
  2. The skin of the chicken was not as crispy as i wanted it, it was more slimey and not too pleasant to the taste buds. (I must mention the skin of the wings i purchased was fairly thick still with a little feathers on it. It was very difficult to remove the feathers but i tried my best. The skin had a yellow layer over it)
  3. I added some chilli powder to the bread crumb and injected the chicken with hot marinade but found it still wasnt hot enough, i can i increase the heat.


I think the chili powder in the crumbs is what caused your outer coating to darken before the meat was cooked through. Try eliminating it next time or use a hot pepper sauce stirred into the egg if you want a spicier flavor.

Hi Guys

Thanks so much for all the tips.
I guess the added chilli powder to the batter mixture could have caused the out outer crumb to brown more quickly before the inner could get cooked.

KW: Yes, the wings were a nightmare to work with. The skin was quite thick compared to other places I’ve eaten like KFC. I will try other brands of wings, hopefully I can find something better that the ones I’ve tried.

I should also mention I tried the KFC recipe but it was nothing close to what i expected. I used All Purpose Flour and followed the normal ingredients and method mentioned via Ron but the final product was not crispy at all, it was like a soft batter on chicken. The only thing i was missing is a Pressure Fryer. Is there anyway to modify my current deep frying method to replicate that of a Pressure Fryer?

Thanks for all your help.

Has anyone thought of using a rub on the wings prior to the seasoned flour, egg, and the second dip in the seasoned flour? I’m thinking there would have to be cayenne pepper in there someplace. Other likely spices would be garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and perhaps some other dried hot spice? I’m not a huge fan of hot sauce as the vinegar hits me more than the heat, but maybe some added to the egg.
The idea of injecting wing parts seems like a lot of work; regardless of who’s doing the work, which why I’m thinking of a rub you just dip the wing pieces in to. I’m hoping to find the KFC hot wing clone recipe too, so will keep an eye on these postings.
Thanks everyone!