kfc original recipe fried chicken

KFC original recipe fried chicken. In your recipe it says for best results use a perssure cooker or deep fryer. Do I use oil in my pressure cooker? If so, what kind?

Do not use your pressure cooker as a deep fryer (i.e. fill it full of cooking oil) unless it is specifically marketed as a fryer!!

RSN has a book entitled “Ämerica’s most wanted Recipes” …It is relatively inexpensive. This book has the recipe you are seeking. I bought the book and I can say it is well worth the price. I am not going to post it though as that would be a disservice to Ron. This is how he makes part of his living…so my advise is buy the book! Just go to Secret Recipes and there is a promo on this page. Click on the link and place your order.

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I purchased RSN’s fabulous book and must admit what attracted me most was the opportunity to get my hands on a recipe that tastes like KFC original chicken!

My problem is that I live in Australia and, as far as I know, am not able to purchase Accent Flavor Enhancer. I have no idea where to start to look for a substitute ingredient because I don’t even know what it is :oops:

Can anyone help?

Thanks for a great forum!


Hi! The accent “spice” you’re referring to is also known as M.S.G. In my opinion, you DO NOT want to use it as it’s not very “healthy” for you. MSG (monosodiumglutamate) used to be used a lot in Chinese dishes to enhance its flavour, but nowadays a lot of people prefer not to have it included. Most Chinese restaurants give you the option of having it or not. You can still do the KFC recipe without it.

Wow, thanks for such a prompt reply Aline!

Yes, I understand about the MSG, I certainly would not want to use it.

Thanks again for your help.


I love KFC and I had no idea about the whole MSG thing. Thanks for explaining! :wink:

Although I did not try the receipe I did read it in Ron’s book. What I did not understand was how could it taste like the original which says it has 11 herbs and spices and only a couple are listed in the receipe? I read receipes like others read novels. LOL. Norma

I offer my version of the KFC recipe which has been tested and tweaked to taste just like the original. I’d like to hear a critique from someone who has actually tried the recipe.

The fact is KFC chicken does contain MSG along with many other foods which you may not be aware of (some listed below).

You are probably eating MSG everyday and you don’t know it. It’s like saying “I won’t drink the water in Mexico” but then having ice cubes in your Margarita in Cancun.

Ingested in small amounts, MSG won’t affect you unless you are MSG sensitive.

For the facts about MSG go to: http://www.msgtruth.org/

FYI - The following foods contain MSG or its business end - the free amino acid glutamate - in amounts large enough to cause reactions in those sensitive to it.:

The Following McDonald’s Items:
Grilled Chicken Filet
Hot and Spicy Chicken Patty
Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad
Grilled Chicken California Cobb Salad
Seasoned Beef
Sausage Scrambled Egg Mix, Sausage, and Sausage Patty
This doesn’t even include the items at McDonald’s that have MSG-containing soy sauce, natural flavors or hydrolyzed protein which can contain up to 20% free glutamic acid - the business end of MSG.

Other foods containing MSG:

  • Doritos®
  • Pringles® (the flavored varieties)
  • KFC® fried chicken and most of their other products
  • Boar’s Head® cold cuts and most of their hotdogs
  • Progresso® Soups
  • Lipton® Noodles and Sauce
  • Lipton® Instant soup mix
  • Gravy Master®
  • Cup-a-soup® or Cup-o-Noodles®
  • Planters® salted nuts - most of them
  • Accent®
  • sausages - most supermarkets add MSG to theirs
  • processed cheese spread
  • supermarket poultry or turkeys that are injected or “self-basting”
  • restaurant gravy from food service cans
  • flavored ramen noodles
  • boullion - any kind
  • instant soup mixes
  • many salad dressings
  • most salty, powdered dry food mixes - read labels
  • flavored potato chips
  • restaurant soups made from food service soup base or with added MSG
  • monopotassium glutamate
  • glutamic acid
  • gelatin
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein (found in many processed AMERICAN foods, like canned tuna and even hot dogs)
  • hydrolyzed plant protein (found in many processed AMERICAN foods, like canned tuna and even hot dogs)
  • autolyzed yeast (found in many processed AMERICAN foods, read labels)
  • sodium caseinate
  • textured protein
  • yeast extract
  • yeast food or nutrient
  • soy protein isolate
  • soy sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Kombu extract
  • dry milk and whey powder
  • “natural flavors” - may contain MSG
  • carageenan
  • dough conditioners
  • body builder drink powders containing protein
  • Parmesan cheese - naturally high in free glutamate
  • over-ripe tomatoes - naturally high in free glutamate
  • mushrooms - naturally high in free glutamate
  • Medications in gelcaps - contain free glutamic acid in the gelatin
  • Cosmetics and shampoos - some now contain glutamic acid
  • Fresh produce sprayed with Auxigro in the field.

Source: http://www.msgtruth.org/

admin1, where’s your recipe sowe can try it and get back to you???

I have to be fair to those who have paid for the cookbook. To get the cookbook go to:

Secret Recipes

I received a copy Mr. Douglas’ book for my birthday. Let me tell you, the chicken is DELICIOUS. My husband is a diehard KFC fan. When I told him I was gonna make it, he was not thrilled. Didn’t think it could even come close. But he ate his words along with that wonderful chicken!

We had some unexpected company show up while dinner was being served. They also had a fit over it. Even asked “where’s the bucket?”. My brother in law said that until now, he thought no one could make chicken that good except KFC.

Trust me, buy the book, its well worth it just for that one recipe alone!

Thanks RSN for the great recipe(s) and this terrific forum.

Just another very satisfied chicken lover!!!

Honestly I didn’t pay her to say that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the wonderful (and unbiased) review. It makes my day to hear stories like that.

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w :roll: here do you find a pressure fryer to cook the chicken?

can anyone help?

In the days before pressure cookers, 2 iron bars were set on top of the lid alongside either side of the handle. This gave you the same results.

Look to a restraunt supply house for your pressure fryer.

Col. Sanders had a special device made for his chicken.

You miss my point:

Pressure cookers are not Pressure Fryers…

They both have different uses.

Col. Sanders “Pressure Fried” his chicken, “not pressure cooked” it…

One uses steam the other oil.

One is soggy one is crisp.

Maybe now adays, but when I worked at a Col. Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken during my high school days we seasoned and cooked the chicken right there on the spot. The seasoning took place the day before the cooking.

We did recieve the secert spices and herbs already blended though.

Yes by all means read your booklets and never put oil in a pressure cooker!

hi i unemployed and have no money to buy his books if you please have time i like to have the recipe for chicken and any other thank you sheryl

:roll: Could not find the original recipe on this forum. Dioes anyone have it here. Please post