Kitchen gadgets

It has been years since I have had a “pizza cutter” in my kitchen. That gadget has been renamed to the universal cutter! I cut up kid’s spaghetti, pancakes, & French toast. I also use it to cut up leftover chicken for chicken salad. I also use it to trim pastry from the edge on a pie crust. And that is why we call it the universal cutter.

wildbill -

I thought I was the only one using my pizza cutter for other things! Your post brought back some great memories.

When I was little, mom had a large stove with 2 ovens and a good-sized griddle in the middle of the stove top.

Sunday mornings mom would have a roast in one oven, homemade bread in the other oven (she made bread everyday - I don’t think I had store-bought bread till I was in my teens!) the burners of the stove had the perculator, eggs, bacon and homefries, while the griddle held the pancakes.

In the broiler - one slice of homemade bread - (mom liked to make LARGE round loaves). She would slice the loaf from the bottom making one huge round, toast it in the broiler, then butter it and cut it with the pizza wheel.

That pizza wheel was used for so many things. It finally was put to rest (in the trash) last year. The new ones just aren’t made like they used to make them. But that one wheel really did a great job.

Thanks for the memory!

Kitchen Witch

PS - Here’s a chuckle for you - I know everyone has seen the “I Love Lucy” series - and in one series she made homemade bread - that enormous loaf that came out of her oven. My mom is famous for making homemade bread the size of the oven. She was doing that since she was young. Sure can’t eat one of those size sandwiches!

[b]I’d never even thought of using a pizza cutter for anything but cutting pizza! Thanks for those tips, wildbill.

I got tired of using a puny cutter (with a wobbly wheel) and invested in one of those larger Kitchenaid pizza cutters with the 4" wheel. That thing’s sturdy enough to cut floor tiles!

KW, my old Kenmore gas stove (circa 1964) has one of those grills in the middle of the stove top. When my kids were still small, I used to make pancakes in the shape of their initials. Now I just use it to grill sandwiches.[/b]

I really miss that stove! A nice griddle! Cripe 2 ovens!!!

I am now looking at Wolf and Viking ranges - I love the old-fashioned ones from the good ol’ days!!!

For me a perfect kitchen would have a 5-burner gas cook-top - 2 gas wall ovens plus a 6-burner gas range with 2 ovens! I have enough electric grills for grilling - so I finally talked myself out of a Jenn-Aire!

With other electric appliances - - - I think that could keep me pretty busy in the kitchen!


[b]I don’t know if you watch any shows on the Food Network but on Rachael Ray’s show (30-Minute Meals) she has a vintage yellow stove and refrigerator. I also remember seeing information on that network for a place that refurbishes vintage appliances and makes them like new. They also come in bright colors, too. But they sure don’t come cheap.

I’ve been looking at the Wolf and Viking brands myself since my Kenmore fridge was bought in 1965 and I desperately need an update on both. If I could, I’d love knock out the back wall of the kitchen and build onto it.[/b]

I have seen Rachel Ray’s stove - but have you seen the really old ones - with the long legs and claw feet? With a shelf on top and top ovens and bun warmers? Years ago they came in pale green with beige door fronts or white. And they had ceramic knobs that were really unique!

Those things weigh a ton - they are nickel-plated - and a kitchen floor has to be reinforced to hold it up!

They are really pricy - but I really want one - and I know Santa is too cheap to just leave one under the tree this year - so I guess I will just have to save up for one! Besides - I am moving this spring - I can wait till then for the stove of my dreams. Gosh - I hope I can have the kitchen of my dreams!!! That would make me soooooooooooooooo happy!


[b]Yes, I think I saw that style and color on that special they had. You’re talking “thousands” of dollars!

I was originally looking at the industrial-sized stoves but you have to have your house rewired for it and be up to code and I’m not sure how much that’d set me back. Even so, they have some mighty nice stoves out there.[/b]

Would you believe that my uncle, who bought his parents house a long long time ago (my grandparents are deceased), still has the same cooking stove that they had when my uncle, my mom, and their other 9 brothers and sisters were little. I remember going there on New Year’s Day when they would have a huge family dinner. The meat pies would keep warm on that top shelf of the stove. I brought my daughter there last year to show her that stove.

AND, a friend of ours found one in an old farm house. The owner of the house sold it to him for $100. Our friend shipped the stove down south (Southern Ontario) where they refurbished it. It cost him $1,500 and was well worth the cost. Our friend and his wife built their own log home; they even cut their own trees! So that stove fits right in with that house. Heck, he even managed to get old red bricks from another old farm house. Cleaned them all up and made kind of like a foyer for that old stove. Looks so great!