Kitchen Witch: Question on Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Kitchen Witch:

I am really intrigued by the recipe you posted for Zeppole di San Giuseppe. How big do you make the cream puffs and how long do you bake them?

Also, in the recipe for the Ricotta filling, it posted as 1 z cups sugar. How much do you use?

Thanks so much for all the wonderful information and recipes you share with us all.


Hi Lizzie -

You pulled your post out of the thread just when I answered it!!!

As far as baking - it depends on size - I like them very delicate looking. Usually in my oven - about 25 to 30 minutes. And I corrected the sugar in the recipe - 1 use 1 C. - but my aunt would use 1 1/2 C. - so I say - start with 1 c. and taste your filling - if you want them sweeter - add more sugar. Kitchen Witch