Kitty Litter Cake

I made this cake from Patm099 for my daughter’s Hallowe’en class party. I must admit that I had quite a few questions for Pat regarding this cake before I made it. Although it did look digusting, it tasted pretty good.

The students’ reactions was that they were afraid to eat it! LOL The ones that did try it, liked it. But the others were too scared to try it! When daughter brought the rest back home, she and her dad went to a couple of the neighbours’ houses to show them the cake. They all found it gross looking but were eager to try it and liked it. They all thought that it was a great idea!

I have no regrets. Daughter and the kids loved the digusting look, and those that did taste it, liked it.

This is my favorite cake and I always ordered this cake on my birthday. You can make a Kitty Litter Cake, it looks just like a litter box, but this isn’t real, it is actually a great tasting, but gross looking cake. Kitty litter cake is a funny cake made to look like a kitty litter tray, tootsie rolls and all.

Hi. Is there a recipe on this?