Know Your ABCs ( Diabetes )

Know Your ABCs ( Diabetes )

To stay on top of your diabetes management, you should know your ABCs — your A1c level, your blood pressure, and your cholesterol profile.*

A: A1c, or hemoglobin A1c test

ADA goal is 7 percent or less.

AACE goal is 6.5 percent or less.

B: Blood pressure
Less than 130/80 mmHg for adults (if you’re not pregnant).

C: Cholesterol
HDL (good) cholesterol: Less than 40 mg/dl for men or 50 mg/dl for women
LDL (bad) cholesterol: Less than 100 mg/dl

Triglycerides: Less than 150 mg/dl

Talk with your diabetes care provider to determine your individual goals for A1c, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

*All guidelines are from the American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus (2003), unless otherwise indicated.

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