Know Your Juicers

Wooden Citrus Reamer: With a fluted head and a wooden handle, this tool is used to extract juice from a citrus half resting in the palm of your hand.
Pros: Cost as little as $7.00 and reasonably efficient to use.
Con: You’ll have to strain the seeds.

Citrus Press with Base: This is basically the same as a reamer, but with an attached base that collects the juice, as well as a strainer to catch the seeds and pith. Usually holds a cup or two of juice in it’s base.
Pros: Handy built-in base collects the juice, usually affordable $5 to $20.
Con: Cup can overflow if you’re juicing a lot of citrus.

Handled Citrus Press: Also called citrus squeezers, these simple devices , usually color-coded in shades of orange, yellow or green ( corresponding to oranges, lemons and limes), look like scissors with bowls attached. The citrus sits inside the bowls and the handles squeeze together and extract the juice.
Pros: Easy to use and effective.
Con: Different sizes are sold separately, about $13 to $16 each. (Some newer models accommodate a range of sizes).

Cistruss Trumpet: This hollow device screws into the bottom of a whole fruit, the juice runs down the trumpet into a glass or measuring cup, an internal mesh screen catches seeds.
Pros: Design keeps your hands dry and clean, cost about $6. If you don’t fully deplete the fruit of juice, it can be stored in the refrigerator with trumpet still attached.
Con: Can be difficult to extract the juice from citrus with a trumpet, only suitable for small jobs.

Manual Juicer: With a side lever that lifts and lowers, this compact juicer squeezes half a citrus fruit at a time. The cut side of the orange, lemon or lime is placed over a metal dome, and the lever is pressed to squeeze the juice, keeping seeds and pith neatly out of the juice. A juice glass or measuring cup is placed below the dome to catch the juice.
Pros: Efficient, relatively clean and fast, good for bigger jobs.
Cons: Most expensive, ranging from $30 to $50.

Looking at individual Breville juicer reviews will give you a lot of information about each individual juicer that they manufacture.