Krystal Chili Pups

I have searched the Internet high and low!! PLEASE… Doesn’t anybody have a copycat clone recipe for the hotdog chili sauce from Krystals??? I’ve tried the clone A&W chili sauce. I’ve never had A&W chili dogs so I can’t tell you if it tastes the same. I liked it but it’s NOT Krystals. I also like hotdog chili sauce at the Sonic but I believe Krystal is my absolute fav. Please???

Golly - this must be a guarded secret like KFC’s chicken or something. haha

You’ve never had a Krystal chili pup or chili coney dog from the Sonic? Wow! Well, there’s only meat and no beans. It has a strong spice flavor meaning an almost brown sauce but I’m not sure what it is. It might be a combo of chili powder and cumin. I was certain the A&W was going to be it so it’s similiar to that. Thank you for whatever suggestions you might have!!

Thanks for trying but there’s no whole veggies like in the first recipe and the second recipe is the A&W which I already tried. :frowning:

Does anyone at least know of a similar chili to buy in the store or internet??

I kind of lack creativity but I’ll look for those packets. Thanks! :slight_smile: