La Bodega's Chile Rellenos

Does Any one have a chile rellenos recipe like the La Bodega in Odessa, Tx. We moved and now we can’t find anything like it.


I have never eaten at La Bodega, but I worked in a mexican restaurant for 6 years, and chili rellenos happens to be my favorite dish. If you can tell me a little bit about them I may be able to get you close. First of all, were they cheese filled, or was there meat also? Second, were they deep fried or not? Finally, were they served with enchillada sauce on them? If you can give me a couple of clues I might be able to help you out.


I haven’t eaten them so I am going off the husband’s memory.

They are meat filled. He can’t remember if they were fried or not. But I think they were. The sauce was made with sour cream and had nuts and raisins in it.

Hope this helps