Leg of Pork

I made this on Saterday Night before going to bed .

1 x Leg of Pork +/- 3kg
Robertsons BBQ Spices
Robertsons Black Pepper
Robertsons Tenderiser
1/2 Garlic

Rub the leg of pork all over with salt , then add some BBQ spice / black pepper & Tenderiser . Take a sharp knife and make a whole and put in the Garlic Do this all over the leg of pork . Rap the leg of Pork in tin foil and put in backing dish which is filled 1/2 way with water . Put everything in the oven and put the oven on 100 degrees celsiuse and leave for +/- 15 hours .
Remove the Leg of pork from oven and take the tin foil of and remove the water and fat throw in pot to use to make gravy . Put back in oven for a other hour and remove and start cutting the meat with sharp Knife .

My people told me it was the best leg of pork they have ever had please let me know what you think

See ya :smile: