Liver Pate.....Fantastic.

I was given this recipe by a chef in a restaurant we used to eat in the night he was leaving the job…he wouldn’t give it to me before, as it was HIS personal recipe! This was in the 1960s and I have been doing it ever since…made some today…it is fabulous!!

This can all be fried, but I do it in the oven…its easier!!

A pack of sliced liver
a pack of bacon
a large onion.
half a pack of butter.

Put the liver, bacon and sliced onion in an oven dish and leave till cooked. Take out, and place in a blender, and add the butter.
Blend till it is completely smooth, or to your taste, then pot up and enjoy!! It will freeze and refrigerate.

You could add garlic or anything you liked, but it is lovely just as it is.
The amount of the ingredients doesn’t matter, its the combination that is delicious…enjoy!!

Just wondering it that butter half of a pound or half a stick 4oz. Please let me know I really want to try this.