Lo Mein

Hi all Does anyone know how to make lo mein nice and brownish like the take out variety. We have the taste down pat but is is extremely pale and looks very unappetizing even though the flavor seems to be right. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

thanks kitchenwitch. is that much oil necessary? we are doing ww and fats are a big point buster as 1/2 cup is a whopping 8 points. recipe sounds good

Thanks again snagged this one too I will definitely try adding the hoisin sauce to see it if will give it that nice color I am looking for. hugz

What sort of noodles are you using, and how do you cook them? In order to prepare Lo Mein correctly, like any pasta, you need to finish the pasta in the sauce. By cooking the noodles al dente, and finishing them in the sauce, you allow them to absorb more of the liquid of the sauce, giving them that darker color. Hope this helps!


I use lo mein noodles either the fresh ones or the dry. I will try cooking them less and let them finish in the sauce. Thanks

First, make sure you have got the correct Lo main noodles, not those ramen noodles. Secondly after your meat and veggies are done add your noodles and pour in some dark soya sauce. When I worked in a chinese restaurant thats all that they did.
Hope this works

thanks for the tip on lo mein