Lobster 🦞 on Valentine's Day

My wife made Lobster and Mashed Potatoes for Valentine’s Day.
Now, to tell the truth, I was shocked that she did this (I’ll tell more about it later), so I took a picture.

I usually eat lobster tail with butter, but never quite a whole lobster. She gave me instructions on parts not to eat like the head, and also the optional legs. As excited as I was I didn’t even think about how challenging it would be to crack the shell.

I had such a hard time with cracking that shell that I asked her for help. She cracked with her bare hands. I was quite impressed. She later explained the techniques, and how to use the 2 different shell cracking tools (which I still couldn’t use) and 1 needle-like shell meat extractor tool she gave me to use to get the meat out.

Afterwards, I had garlic butter running down my forearms and my sleeves, lobster shell residue all over my beard and my face and even eye lashes were dirty, all this while I had an adult bib on me that was suppose to keep me clean, I looked like a 50-year old gray beard citizen caught making a mess.

But I had a good time and it was a great day!

Thanks Jo!