Looking for a Breakfast Burrito Recipe

I am in dire need of a terrific breakfast burrito recipe. I have 50 hungry co-workers that I have to bring treats for in the morning and would like to do this. A crock-pot recipe (if available) would be wonderful, but I will take anything at this point.


Here’s What I Do:

dice red & green peppers and onions, brown with pork sausage. Drain and set aside. Scrabmle eggs until cooked through - mix in sausage mixture and some shredded cheese. Salt & pepper to taste

You can also add more cheese during assembly - depending on how cheesy you like it.

I have no idea on amount of these ingriedents to use for 50 people, I use 1 lb sausage
1 each pepper
1 onion
8 eggs
2C shredded cheese

and that feeds 6-8.



I’ve been in Texas for a while now. This is a staple of folks on the run.
They make them in bulk and leave them in the fridge for other mornings. You can make a bunch and keep them warm in a warmer.

2# pork sausage (spicy, hot or sage) * or crumbled bacon or cubed ham browned)
hash browns, (fresh ones in dairy case), cooked but not crispy
18 eggs, beaten with a little milk
green chilis (from a tin)
grated cheddar cheese
Flour Tortillas
Chopped green onion * optional
chopped roma tomatoes * optional
Salsa (we use picante by Pace)

Crumble and fry sausage until done, add the eggs w/ sausage & hash browns, chilis and sprinkle with a small amt of cheese & salsa and roll. Wrap in foil (can get the foil squares in paper section of grocery) to keep warm for about an hour, or put in warmer for longer time. If they will be re-heated in micro, wrap them in waxed paper or saran (I don’t like saran because it glues together when re heated).
You may make up a recipe and keep warm in crock pot or electric skillet. Just have the tortillas and salsa on the side. Let each one make one when they are ready.

For those who prefer no meat, these are just as good with eggs, cheese and chilis, onions or tomatoes. We have one who hates eggs, so we use meat, cheese, chilis, and tomatoes ;-). Real versatile. Salsa can be on side and added to the buritto after reheating.

We have one lady who brings them to church totally made in her warmer oven, and with her homemade salsa on the side (fresh tomatoes, onions jalapenos, salt & pepper with some lemon juice or vinegar). We are always wanting more!!


i make breakfast burrito’s every couple weeks i brown 1 pound of sausage with fresh hash browns in margarine drain set aside mix 6-8 eggs with alittle milk and shredded cheese scrambled together with the meat heat tortilla wraps spread wraps with chez whiz put mixture on and about 2 tablespoons of picante sauce roll up top with a mixture of diced tomato, green,red bell pepper and little more shredded cheese :smiley: