Looking for a grass-fed steaks.

I can’t grow my own cow -darn zoning laws! :slight_smile: - I have some steak issues. After reading Omnivore’s Dilemma, I’m committed to only feeding my family grass fed steak but the issue is of their authencity.I don’t want my family to suffer because of the diseases associated with grain fed ones but neither do I would like to pay for crap…Please can anyone tell me a good producer or seller of grass fed steak that I can trust upon for the quality of grass-fed.

It’s a good thing that you are turning to grass-fed rather then the other ones. Its a great way to minimize the risk of mad cow disease and ensure the best health for our family. I too prefer grass fed steaks for my family and I am pleased to tell you that you can go about it without any doubt. I don’t know the exact place of your location but I get my grass-fed steaks from a place where I have not had any complaints or issues in a couple of months. They have a wide range of network and I hope they can reach you. Their steak is of good quality and can be trusted as far as I am concerned and the taste is as good as it can get.