Looking for a SPECIFIC recipe for a Salmon Spinach loaf

My Friend that asked for the help in finding this says that her original (now lost) recipe came out of a “Dinah Shore’s Favorites” (or possibly “…kitchen Favorites”) recipe book dated from in the '50s.

She says that over the years, she’s tried several other recipes titled out as the same thing…but the taste just wasn’t the same, as though there were some “ingredient” left out.

I’m hopeing that_someone_ might either have a COPY of that particular recipe or actually happen to have a copy of that book with the long desired recipe that they might be willing to share with a good hearted soul.

Any help, or even a good “steer in the right direction” would be so gratelfully appreciated.


The book is called:

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah
by Shore, Dinah

You can find it used at Alibris.com

Hope this helps.


Thanks Marie…

I passed along your information and she was MOST appreciative, to say the least.

Hopefully, she finds what she’s looking for…

Thanks again for the help and involvement