Looking for Ted's Montanna Grill half sour pickle recipe

I went to Ted’s Montanna grill restuarant. They give out free for appetisers this cucumber dish. It was delicious. I think they are called half sour pickles. :-PDoes anyone have the recipe? Thanks a bunch, Leslie

Hi Leslie, Sorry I don’t have the recipe, but I know how you can purchase them. Contact Patriot Pickle at 973-709-9487 and they will refer you to their Natural Harvest Gourmet - Healthy Gourmet Pickles Website. I’ve ordered pickles from them several time and have been satisfied with the same great taste and quality that you find in the restaurant. Hope this helps you. Good luck! Kathy

After much pleading, investigation and begging, I can tell you definitively that Ted’s Montana Grill pickles come from “Natural Harvest Gourmet” out of New Jersey. I have ordered several times and it is the “real deal”. Go to Natural Harvest Gourmet - Healthy Gourmet Pickles and order the 32oz “Half Sours Wholes”. The service is prompt and they always arrive fresh.

I have frequented Ted’s Montanna Grill many times in the past several years. I LOVE the pickles!!!

I visit so frequently, that my server and bartender are familiar with who I am. I always ask for the pickles…where can I get them?? Can I bring some home??

Finally the server gave me the label from the 5 gallon bucket of PICKLES!!!

It says Patriot Pickel… Wayne NJ.
Half Sour Pickles
2 phone numbers are 866-DILL-PIK

I researched the name to see if I can get them locally in Tampa. No Luck…! However, they referred me to the Natural Harvest Gourmet - Healthy Gourmet Pickles

I immediately placed an order… As I hoped!!! they were indeed the pickles of Ted’s!!!

I am a happy customer and will continue to order my half sours from them!!

Natural Harvest Gourmet - Healthy Gourmet Pickles