Lose Belly Fat with Cauliflower & Pita Bread Recipe

Olive Oil Fried Cauliflower:
Belly Fat Attacking cruciferous cauliflower recipe! If you’re battling belly fat, this recipe is a great guilt free recipe that will actually help your body to reduce belly fat.

1 One head of cauliflower
2 Large bottle of Olive oil
3 Salt
4 3 ripe lemons
5 one pack of pita bread

Trim green stalk from cauliflower head, then cut the cauliflower buds to the bite sized pieces so they have a flat side.

In a large frying pan, pour olive oil to the half level of the pan. Turn the heat on high at 350. Test the oil before dropping all the buds into the pan by dropping a bud into the pan and wait until it starts to sizzle, then drop the rest of the buds into the pan evenly distributed. Cover the pan , let the buds cook for about 15 minutes, then check to see if one side is turning golden brown. With the clamp, turn the buds over and cook the other side until golden brown. Remove the buds onto a large plate with a large spoon. Pour a few spoons of olive oil from the pan onto the plate, add lemon juice and sprinkle salt over the buds.

Cut pita bread into bite sized wedges.

With bite sized pita bread wedges, pick up a bud with fingers and scoop the oil and lemon juice with pita bread.


Very easy and looks good.

I have some cauliflower left over from another recipe, and wasn’t sure what to do with it. This is perfect! Sounds yummy! Thanks =)

If you have children you can steam the cauliflower and combine it with your mashed potatoes no one will know its there.


I will definitely try this recipe and I hope I will lose belly fat. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

Wow … does this really work? I’m am going to try it out. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: