louisianna hot wings

Hi i recently went to chiquitos in manchester, england. I tasted there louisiana hot wings and loved them. After trying different receipe’s on line i found that i need help. I can’t seem to make a sauce that is like a paste to put on the wings, everything I have tried seems to be very watery.

Can any one help?


I’ve just joined recipe secrets, so I just read your request for Louisianna Wings. Might not be what your’re looking for, but these are the best! I use Louisiana brand hot sauce. (Hope that’s where the Louisiana comes in).

Deep fry wings to your liking…the crispier the better.
Drain them.

In a frying pan, melt one stick of butter, add Louisiana hot sauce to taste (heat), and mix well. Start adding the wings in small batches, and toss them several times to coat them good. Taste one to be sure they are hot /mild enough for you. Remove the first batch and continue till all are done. Scrape the remaining sauce from the pan on the wings. Enjoy.