Love's Wood Pit BBQ

:? For a long time,I’ve been looking for the BBQ sauce recipe from the no longer available “Love’s Wood Pit BBQ Restaurant”. Can any one help?

I would reccomend, that you start experimenting yourself … :smiley:

A good bbq-sauce must have sweet, sour, hot and spicy flavours.
I make my bbq-sauce from oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, ketchup, hp-sauce, salt, chili powder, onion powder and dried herbs.
You could probably add garlic as well - I can’t, I’m allergic :frowning:

I don’t really have set amounts of each ingredient, because basically it’s all about what you like! :slight_smile:
You might like more chili than me, or less lemon juice.

A few rules of thumb: steak shouldn’t have too much acidity or salt, but can take more pepper/spice. Pork and chicken can be bbq’ed with a very tangy-hot-sweet, but always balanced sauce. Slices of turkeybreastfilet can even take a bbq-sauce, that’s heavy on one of the flavours - very sour or very sweet, f.ex. - because they don’t really much taste of their own.

The harder heat you cook over, the less oil you should have in your bbq-sauce - it’ll drip onto the coals, and catch on fire, if the heat is high.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have experimented without much luck. The “Loves” sauce did have both Coriander and Cloves among other spices and was delicious IMO.

I have a peppermill, that I have turned into my “secret” spicemix - it has peppercorns and cloves in it, as well as dried juniperberries, dried (organic) lemonpeel, laurel-leaves and allspice.
I quite often use that in BBQ-sauces, especially for pork - maybe some of those ingredients have made their way into Love’s Wood Pit BBQ-sauce??

You know - the wood used for BBQ’ing can also add quite a destinct flavour. Maybe their secret is in the wood :wink:

Still not able to come up with the ingredients for the pork rib sauce
used at the former “Love’s Wood Pit BBQ” restaurant. (Sweet & tangy). Can you help?

From a Love’s BBQ Chef for ribs

1 gal cider vinegar
28 cups brown sugar
1 cup salt
1 cup onion powder
1 cup garlic powder
1 cup celery seed
1/2 cup black pepper
1/2 cup paprica
1 cup lard
4 cups pickling spices

Add vinegar and brown sugar to pot over medium hot
and blend by stiring. Add other ingredients as you add them
stir so they will all blend together. Keep and eye on the pot
because if boils over you will have a mess you wont believe. let cook for about 45 minutes, and lower the heat if foams up too fast.

This sounds good, but I would certainly have to cut the recipe down to a more reasonable amount. Quartering the recipe would be best for me.