Low Fat Savoury Egg Rice (Vegetarian)

Using the cheapest and low in fat ingredients, you can create a filling meal, ideally suited to lunchtime or supper.


Medium Onion
Red/Green Peppers
2 Eggs
Packet of Savoury Rice


Put the rice on to boil.
When the rice is almost cooked, add Frylight to a large frying pan to heat.
Add the chopped onions, peppers and mushrooms, softening to taste.
Beat the eggs and add to the mixture, stirring constantly until the eggs are      cooked to taste.
Drain the rice, and add the fried mixture to the rice pan, mixing thoroughly.
This can be eaten on it's own, or with crispy bread and salad.
Eat with baked potatoes, well crisped in the oven! Delicious! 

Serves 2-4