Low Sodium Cooking Tips?

My mom has congestive heart failure. She is 83. She just got out of the hospital. She was in for fluid retention. She has decided she isn’t going to eat the low sodium diet because it doesn’t taste good. The dietitian & nurses told her you get used to it after 2 weeks but she is stubborn. My poor dad has no aptitude for cooking. He has had classes & can now re- heat in the microwave ( most of the time).

She " can’t" eat spicy so that takes out a lot of my low sodium tricks. Does anyone have some suggestions or dishes they make that are tasty & low sodium? She doesn’t have to be gluten-free.

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Start with the salt shaker. Refill it with a salt-substitute, like Salt Sense.
Besides for it cutting the sodium in half, it also supplies a fair amount of potassium. The more potassium in the diet, the less harmful effects of sodium on the body.
Also, use MSG in preparing foods. Its a flavor enhancer like salt is, but it is sodium-free. A lot of people are scared of MSG, coz of the myths, but if ya’ ask your doctor, he’ll explain that its harmless.
Also, try avoiding things with high fat or oil. Oily fats increase the cravings for salt.
Its better to decrease sodium intake gradually, then to go total no salt all at once. As the nurse said, over time, our taste for salt lessens as we have less of it.
Good luck…

It would be better to talk to a dietician than a doctor. They are better equipped to help you. Doctors take very few nutrition classes in med school.

We also have to watch our sodium at my house. I have filled the salt shakers with a salt free garlic & herb blend that I get at a discount store. Just as good as Mrs. Dash but about a third of the cost. There are a lot of good substitutes out there but you really do need to get your advice from someone who knows what your particular circumstances are.
Salt substitutes are not always the best way to go. A dietician and/or a doctor would be your best bet.